“Bunco For Bimbi” – Thanks to Chen Chinese Cuisine


This afternoon of love, brought Steve and Renate’s family and friends together for a few games of Bunco, raffle prizes, and a beautiful buffet luncheon provided by Chen Chinese Cuisine in Lake In The Hills. Ming and Suya Chen were gracious hosts of this benefit offering 100% towards the Bimbi Family. Thanks to their kind hearts, this benefit raised nearly $2,000.

Thank you to the Chen Family from the Bimbi Family!

We all missed our beloved Steve at this event. Together, the family prayed for his strength and recovery.

Chen's offered an elaborate selection of our Chinese favorites.

Chen’s offered an elaborate selection of our Chinese favorites.

Lots of raffle prizes!!

Lots of raffle prizes!!

DSC_0496 DSC_0497 DSC_0498 DSC_0499 DSC_0500 DSC_0501 DSC_0502 DSC_0503 DSC_0506 562314_10202393641832236_382415558_n 1580_10202393638392150_2120168173_n 603122_10202393633672032_1493338020_n 988728_10202393632351999_2139784466_n 1376342_10202393636632106_1053038518_n 1375875_10202393622071742_262794431_n 1375228_10202393619031666_685246510_n 1003001_10202393615991590_1915618681_n 995867_10202393620831711_1999336206_n 1379625_10202393619471677_811674234_n 1379702_10202393621071717_94680278_n 1383032_10202393615951589_223565400_n 1383320_10202393626831861_237523259_n 1383370_10202393641712233_2015343237_n 1392068_10202393635152069_32158952_n 1391793_10202393634952064_173482369_n 1385860_10202393618391650_1846136504_n 1385089_10202393637312123_1314796563_n 1383966_10202393627311873_1321002194_n 1394352_10202393623711783_171326276_n 1395865_10202393624191795_324473719_n 1396025_10202393638192145_2062383493_n 1396048_10202393617911638_181603680_n


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