Successful!! – “Benefit for Bimbi” at Nick’s Pizza

The community came together on Wednesday, Oct. 23 at Nick’s Pizza in near record amounts.  It was a great testament to Steve and Renate and their character as they have befriended so many people throughout various groups.

Not only was the pizza and service great but the basket raffle and the silent auction was plentiful!  Thanks to everyone who participated!  The raffle and auction generated an amount beyond our expectations.  Individuals and businesses readily donated items to Steve and the success in fundraising couldn’t have been possible without these donations.  The impressive fundraising from the basket raffle and silent auction proves that this community is awesome!

Renate and Steve were presented with a  contribution from Nick Sarillo from Nick’s Pizza & Pub as part of the “Benefit for Bimbi.” This monetary contribution is greatly appreciated by the Bimbi Family as it too will help Steve during his rehabilitation phase. Thanks to Nick and the entire staff from Nick’s Pizza who were great hosts of the night.  Your support and efforts behind the scenes helped make this night great! 100% of the profits from net sales were donated back to the Bimbi Family, in the amount of $3,471.62. There was a lot of pizza going out that night!!

Renate Gives Thanks:

“Just wanted to send a HUGE Thank You out to everyone who came to support the Bimbi family at Nick’s Pizza. The show of support was tremendous. The success of the basket raffle and silent auction was even greater, thanks to the hard work and efforts of so many of our friends  I love you guys soooo much!!!”Nick Sarillo of Nick's Pizza & Pub and Renate Bimbi

Nick Sarillo of Nick’s Pizza & Pub and Renate Bimbi

2 comments on “Successful!! – “Benefit for Bimbi” at Nick’s Pizza

  1. Nicole says:

    I had a wonderful time at the nicks benefit but i will say 100% of proceeds was not given. There were way to many people there and waiting fort it only be that much. I am so grateful he did The benefit but to not give the0 100% is just flat out wrong.

  2. Corie Frysztak says:

    This was a great event and I was so happy to have been able to participate and contribute. Looking forward to the next one!

    Corie Frysztak

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