We Challenge You – Bigger Donation from Galloway’s than Nick’s Pizza!

Galloways Flyer.001

Click: Galloway’s Menu Online

Click: Galloway’s Flyer

(flyer can be used for marketing purposes & is not required to participate in the fundraiser)

How much can a little, ‘ole, local sub shop raise?… compared to a large, well-established, local pizza place? Well, how ’bout we give it a try!?

Galloway’s Chicago Subs is donating 50% of NET SALES to Steve Bimbi & Family. Yes folks, this is 100% true!

(Versus 25% true at our previous venue, namely Nick’s Pizza. Yes, we were told “100% of net sales” at our previous benefit. But, apparently there was a “misprint” in THEIR fundraising materials. So, their contribution was 25% of OUR net sales for the night…)

Now…In walks the “Underdog”…Galloway’s Chicago Subs…ready to step it up and contribute 50% of net sales on Wednesday, November 20, from 10:30am – 8:00pm.

So, everyone, WE ARE BACK! And ready for Round #2! Ready to descend our masses of people upon Galloway’s.

We challenge you to help Galloway’s, a little ‘ole sub shop, raise more $ than Nick’s Pizza!

Ready, Set, Go! … Share the word!! Email, Facebook, Twitter…everywhere you have friends…you have one week to get the word out!

The Galloway Family lives and plays among us as they are also a local, Crystal Lake family with children in District 47 & 155.  A huge thank you to the Galloway Family for your hard work, huge heart, and contributions.

Thanks to Charlie at Kwik Kopy in Crystal Lake for printing the flyers for this fundraiser.


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