Bio of the Bimbi Family

Steve and Renate Bimbi and their two sons are residents of Crystal Lake, IL.  Everyone who knows them considers them as a friend. When you meet any one of the Bimbi’s they are very kind-hearted people with a great sense of humor.  These traits especially shine through in their boys. They show respect to everyone. Even competitors of these boys will tell you the same.  The love for this incredible family became well-known after the recent and tragic event that landed Steve in the ICU with two surgeries and a future of intensive physical rehab.

For 22 years, Steve has been a US Postman delivering mail to the Barrington, IL area.  In mid-September, Steve was enroute to deliver the mail to his favorite customers. He also looked forward to being greeted by the many family dogs on his route that he loved to stop and pet. Instead, on this rainy day, Steve’s mail truck hydroplaned while he avoided a car crossing his path, according to reports. The mail truck took him straight into a tree followed by an immediate ambulance trip to Advocate Lutheran General Hospital. God blessed Steve with an outstanding, highly-talented orthopedic surgeon who repaired Steve’s broken femur and broken pelvis.  Steve had his ups and downs, and everyone was praying for him. He is a fighter and he isn’t giving up. He has a positive attitude about working hard to regain his strength which will be his next phase of recovery, physical therapy and rehabilitation.

Over the past 10 years, their family has been involved locally in several sports organizations including:

McHenry County Hurricanes Travel Baseball

Crystal Lake Youth Baseball

Crystal Lake South Soccer and South Baseball

Crystal Lake Soccer Federation – The Force

Crystal Lake Babe Ruth Baseball

Renate has served as an active member of the PTA.

Steve has coached his boys and their teammates in baseball for many years and previously sat on a board position for a Little League organization.


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